Sunday, April 15, 2012

Will you be My Bridesmaid?

Ok, so I fully admit that I stole this idea from someone else. But it was SUCH a great and beautiful gesture that I could not resist.

Here is the original idea at her blog Rinse. Repeat; her boxes are beautiful and neat and organized.

But as you know, my wedding will be a little less traditional and a lot more eclectic. And since our wedding is honoring our individuality, I want the wedding party to also let their individual tastes and style shine through as well.

So, I made 6 boxes, each one unique.

Mel's kitten, Toothless, approves.

Each cigar box was unique and made from used cedar cigar boxes. I got 10 for $15 online.

Inside each box I put some ideas for the color scheme (since it is not yet set), inspiration for their outfits, a picture of my dress (yes, I already found it!), some of the DIY we will be doing and some general Steampunk awesomeness. I also included a golden ticket featured from this post, as well as a brochure from the venue, discussed here. I also added a nip for good luck (though each one different to their tastes and a few of them got the mini wines), and a rolled scroll (sealed with a wax stamp) of my love for them and why I want them there and the expectations I have for my attendants.

Here are the innards of the one for my matron of honor:
Notice the Airship?

I had a lot of fun putting them together, but it was VERY time consuming. Decorating each box took a while, but the Inspiration and Ideas booklet took FOREVER. Not only to collect the images (most were from my Steampunk Wedding Pinterest board), but to organize them, format them and label them, then print them. I wanted to print all the pictures in color but it was too expensive so I printed one in color and the page with my dress in color and spread the love amongst them.

I used publisher to create the paper postcard asking my maids to join me, using the Weathered Paper Postcard template. I organized the booklet using powerpoint. I printed the letters on parchment-designed resume paper (I had some laying around) and burned the edges after rolling them into scrolls.

All of my girls loved them and my sister (a co-maid of honor), made me cry by how much it meant to her. I am really glad I decided to give them a memento to have foreverrrrs.