Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hats and Hairpieces for Ladies and Gentlemen

Many of my potential guests have asked me about my expectations regarding their clothing. While I do not REQUIRE themed dress, I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE it. So, today, I will offer some affordable headgear for those seeking it.

Naturally, these categories and suggestions are suggestions and are not inclusive of creative styles and interpretations!

Some inexpensive options from

Aviator: $10.37 from Amazon.

Pith Helmet: $19.90 from Amazon

Gentlemen's Hats @ The Gentlemen's Emporium: EVERY hat style for every character and style!

Another option for an aviator. $17.95

Cloak and Dagger Creations
is an independent seller who I trust and have seen at many shows. Their prices are reasonable and they have a great selection of pirate headgear and mini top hats!

$29 for this pretty gothy hat!
Here are some individual, unique items from Etsy shops that I find to be reasonably priced for the quality:
$35 for top hat headband

I made an Etsy Treasury List HERE as a collection of great vendors with great women's hats and another treasury HERE for the menfolk (which is considerably smaller).