Saturday, April 14, 2012

Goggles, Glorious Goggles!

Gears and goggles are the two elements that are most commonly associated with Steampunk. When in a pinch adding headgear and eyegear can Steampunk you enough--not for a convention or an event where your cosplay would be under closer scrutiny, but for something like, say, my wedding. Just like with hats, there are a variety of different types of eye gear you can don (depending on the look you want to go for). A non-inclusive list includes aviator goggles, welding goggles, single lens goggles, glasses with loupes, monocles, glasses in general, color-lens sunglasses, eye-patches, face masks, scuba gear and any type of alterations or mods to anything that you would out on your face. Steampunk is about invention and innovation, so be creative. Some for purchase that you could paint or alter, though: (I am using amazon because there is a range of cheap accessories for those who are not interested in investing heavily into costuming, but I will also include other vendors and goggles that are practically a work of art at the end of the post)
Aviator goggles from Amazon--in both silver and brass

Single Lens Goggle
The Welding Goggle
Double Loupe (I have one of these) There are also single loupes that are not as heavy

The Monocle
The Colored Lenses

The Gas Mask
Now, of course there are a MILLION more things you could do, use or mod. Some examples of those are:

Steampunk Darth Vader

Or you could build yourself one of these:

This guy did!

Or  checkout my Steampunk Goggles Treasury from Etsy:

These are quality goggles; not plastic, unless a really great mod.

And so, that just about covers a good range of goggle products.