Sunday, April 8, 2012


Flowers. So pretty. So expensive and so mean.

Since my wedding will be slightly more industrial than the average wedding, I have shunned the traditional flower route in favor of the crafty and economic paper flower. My maid of honor and I did painstaking research as to the best looking and best crafted flower with the minimal amount of effort. It turns out avoiding the glue gun was not a possibility.

Here is the flower we decided upon, though made from book pages (Sherlock Holmes, Dinotopia, Time Machine...) and a few with a smattering of color:

It is a beautiful flower. Here is the tutorial:

You can find the template for the paper roses (and some other great crafts!) here.
I will create a cardboard or plastic template in order to "mass produce" the individual parts in order to assembly line construct them with my ladies. If you want the fancy stuff, you can get some cheap here: (one for each size rose: small, medium and large).

Some other options for paper flowers that we ruled out, but are still beautiful options:

For purchase at Robot in Bloom

This is a beautiful bouquet, but the creator did not offer any tutorial or instruction--so I ruled it out:

These flowers were also great, and had instructions. Unfortunately any detailed directions were in Chinese. We tried making these and they were just not worth the frustration:

These were by far the prettiest paper flowers we found, and where I totally stole the idea for the book pages. Unfortunately these are INCREDIBLY labor-intensive and time consuming. On the plus side, though, there is a detailed tutorial from 100layercake.

So, I will gladly update you on the progress!