Thursday, March 8, 2012

Steampunk Links

I have started an excellent project to ask my darling ladies to be my bridesmaids; however, until I actually give each of them cannot post the awesomeness. It would ruin any surprise if anyone should chance across my blog.

So today I will be posting some excellent STEAMPUNK links, and hopefully tomorrow, fixing the background picture. As my betrothed-to-be explained when I showed him proudly, "It is not very bride-y". Alas, I must agree. So, links as promised:

Steampunk clothing:

  • Clockwork Couture: This is my favorite clothing site. It offers a wide variety of pieces and accessories.
  • Steampunk Emporium: This site has a lot of period pieces that are very nice. Some of them are too Victorian for my liking, but I have bought pieces from here to create an outfit.
  • The Pyramid Collection: This site has tons of New Age clothing (gypsy, goth, fairy, etc.) But this link will bring you to their Steampunk shop and you will find some great accessories and vests.
  • Steampunk Threads: This site has a lot of cool looking stuff, but it really lacks selection and variety. But the site's aesthetic is a lot of fun. Also their items are pretty pricey, but it is a great place to get some inspiration.
  • Milanoo: Their selection of Steampunk items for women is pretty much non-existent, but there are some really greatly priced men's coats. But there is a lot of gothic Lolita and other styles and costumes that you can use for Steampunk. And because it is China wholesale, it is relatively inexpensive!
  • Pendragon Costumes: This merchant appears at all the Steampunk festivals and has some great costume and ideas.
  • Chrononaut Mercantile: Handmande, artisan clothes. Expensive, but absolutely gorgeous.
  • Steampunk Accessories:
  • Museum Replicas: This site has a lot of awesome things! It encompasses way more than just Steampunk, but will give you a ton of great ideas.

Steampunk Accessories:

  • Steamfunk: Handmade items. Fantastic Jewelry,hats and accessories.
  • Lemur: Inexpensive, beautiful, handmade jewelry and accessories.
  • Emrys Fynery: These handmade accessories and jewelry are beautiful.
  • Cloak and Dagger: This merchant makes mostly outerwear and cloaks, but has some nice accessories as well.
  • Big Bear Trading: I do not think that you can actually order online from Big Bear, but if you are lucky enough to find him at a festival or convention, go inside! He has the coolest odds and ends and a lot of replicas. I bought my boy an awesome wooden British Navy replica pipe, and some other neat metal and wood items.