Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dark Lord of the Rings?

So, again, apologies for the non-dynamic posts. I still have some ladies to ask about the wedding party and until I do that I can't upload the cool pictures I have surrounding that.

So I will give you some snapshots of the beautiful rings we gave each other for out engagement.

I am not a diamond-kinda girl, but a fan of gemstones, filigree and art-nouveau/Edwardian-esque styles. My fiance consulted me about styles, but I did not have a say in his final choice. WHICH WAS PERFECT. If our engagement story wasn't enough, this man knows me so well it is rather, um, ridiculous.

So some shots of my white gold, sapphire and diamond ring:
On the Elder Wand

On my finger

And the ring I gave him when we returned to Boston:

It is the Kinect Ring--the gears move!

Here is the video:

The Kinect is too bulky (in my opinion) for a wedding band, so I thought it would be perfect as an engagement ring. We were trying to find interlocking gear wedding bands, and have not come across anything that is not hideous. But, that will be another post.

I will say that my fiance was surprised when I told him the cost of my ring would be factored into our wedding budget--since I know it was bit pricier than his. I really feel that this is a partnership so why in the world would I let him shell out all the money for something that I am going to wear, but is symbolic to both of us? I think all of these costs should be shared. We are in it together. In a year and a half, his debt is my debt, and mine is his: we might as well go into it smiling.

Back to the thesis-writing.