Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Organization Queen: Or How Google Saved My Wedding

Well, I have been told that I am NOT ALLOWED to do any planning while I finish my Master's thesis, the fiance did not put a kibosh on my blogging. Though, they DO tend to go hand in hand.

But I am going to make my recommendation on planning today: GOOGLE DOCS.


There is an ALL IN ONE Wedding planning template that is awesome. Not only is Google Docs stored in the cloud and lets you access it from anywhere, you can share the document with other people. So, my future husband and maid of honor can access all information in one place.

Yes, that includes guest list and relevant information. So I can share in with my future mother in law to get addresses for that side of the family. I can share it with my fiance, so he can add his selections on music, caterers or whatever. Whatever research we do independently can be added to this one document to streamline communication. And because it is a template, you can customize it as well. BUT it does come populated with formulas, so that the total head count filters into the cost for food per person and the budget spreadsheet. Yeah, this thing is legit.

Start saving NOW. We decided the day after on a 10k budget including Honeymoon. It sounds like a scary amount of money, but not when broken down. 10k is 5k each. And $100 a week. In addition to starting a change jar--at the end of the day all our change is saved and not used. Once I get a real job, that is quite a doable goal. And since we are starting so early (year and a half...) if there are weeks we can't do the full amount, it will be alright. And we are opening a joint account to stash those funds into.

So this isn't a dynamic super-steampunk entry, but it is where I am with my planning at the mo'.

More awesomeness soon!