Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Good for One Stiff Drink

For my first official post, I would like to share the awesomeness that my boy and I found at The Brookline Booksmith today. For 75% off the original price (which was only $5.95), we found these ticket books. We haven't decided precisely how we will incorporate them, but we are pretty sure our 21+ guests will get several tickets apiece. I wanted to just get one book, but he insisted on getting the lot of four books that were left ("It's like buy 1, get 3 free!").

Since there are 3 "golden tickets" in each book, (giving us a total of 12) we figured those in the wedding party could get the golden ones.

He thinks that the best man, maid of honor should give them out to guests, I think we should put a ticket at their seat, but am not sure how to actually execute using them, since they don't REALLY need them to get drinks. Any thoughts?